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Unveiling Melatonin's Myths and Miracles

Chronic sleep deprivation is one of the most common problems affecting today’s busy society.

  • Is getting a good night’s sleep a challenge for you? 
  • Does your work pressure come between you and a restful night’s sleep? 
  • Worried about having to use sleeping pills for long? 
  • Do you wish you could find a healthy and natural way to sleep peacefully at night?

Put an end to your problem and find an easy and natural way out with melatonin sleep gummies! Taking one gummy in the night can give you the restful sleep you have been longing for. 

What is Melatonin and how does it work?

Sleep is a biological process regulated by the circadian rhythm in our body. This rhythm regulates and maintains different functions of the body, including the sleep-wake cycle. The sleep-wake cycle is controlled by melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain. The levels of this hormone rise in the evenings and fall in the morning, signaling the body the time to sleep.


The Benefits of Melatonin

Melatonin has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of sleep disorders, including insomnia, delayed sleep phase disorder, and jet lag. Melatonin has also been shown to improve sleep quality in people with other conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.


Myths and Misconceptions about Melatonin

Several misconceptions abound with respect to melatonin. Some of them are just myths while others are true. Let’s see a few of them here.   





Melatonin makes you fall asleep

Melatonin doesn't necessarily "make" you fall asleep. Instead, it signals to your body that it's time to prepare for sleep by regulating the sleep-wake cycle. It's more about regulating sleep patterns rather than inducing sleep.


Melatonin is addictive

Melatonin is not known to be addictive. It's a natural hormone that the body produces.


Melatonin is only for people with sleep disorders.

While melatonin is often used to treat sleep disorders, it can also be beneficial for individuals adjusting to a new time zone (jet lag) or those with changing work shifts.


Melatonin should be taken over a prolonged duration.

The duration for which melatonin should be taken varies based on individual needs and the reason for its use


Melatonin Miracles

 Melatonin is considered a miracle molecule as it has many health benefits beyond regulating the sleep-wake cycle. 

  • Melatonin has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties. 
  • It protects against different conditions such as diabetes, obesity, sepsis, and fibrosis.  
  • Sleep quality improves with melatonin while fatigue, anxiety, and depression are reduced. 
  • Some studies have shown that melatonin plays a role in metabolic, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and a variety of other disorders. 

Melatonin is thus a versatile molecule that has multiple roles to play.


Why you may need to take melatonin supplements

 Non-conventional work shifts, jet lag, and insomnia are some situations when melatonin secretion gets dysregulated, leading to abnormal sleep patterns. Melatonin comes to the rescue in such cases. Melatonin is available in a variety of forms, including capsules, tablets, gummies, and liquids. It is important to choose a form of melatonin that is easy for you to take and that you can tolerate well.


Indus Roots Sleep Gummies

 Indus Roots brings to you Sleep and Memory Gummies with key ingredients of plant-based melatonin and the ancient traditional herb ashwagandha. These gummies provide a natural way to promote sleep and relaxation. 

Melatonin and ashwagandha work in tandem to improve sleep quality. Melatonin helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, while ashwagandha helps to reduce stress and anxiety. This combination can be especially helpful for those who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, making them feel more rested and refreshed in the morning.

Indus Roots Sleep and Memory Gummies are available in packs of 60, 30, and 10. The gummies are a blend of traditional herbs combined with the latest science to suit the Indian lifestyle. They help minimize stress, enhance memory and cognitive function, and help you enjoy undisturbed quality sleep. They are vegan, gluten-free, and have no added artificial flavours. These gummies are most effective when taken 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime.

For further insights into understanding the sleep cycle and the role of melatonin gummies, check out "Unlocking the Power of Sleep: Understanding Sleep Cycles"...

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