We understand life is hard, being healthy need not be

Indus roots is here to be your companion, the right way

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Explore Our Range of Health & Wellness Supplements

Memory and Sleep Gummies
with Melatonin and Ashwagandha

Healthy Hair Gummies with Biotin, Zinc and Multivitamins

Testosterone Boost Gummies with Fenugreek Extract, Ginkgo Biloba and Korean Ginseng

Energy gummies with Ashwagandha and Vitamin D

Welcome to the World of New Age Health Supplements

India is unique not just in its diversity and environment, but also its diet and lifestyle. Indus roots was born keeping this uniqueness in mind to craft health supplements to help you in the constant hustle of life. Join us in defining the new normal for India's health goals.

Our customers love us!

These Energy Gummies have been a game-changer for me! They provide a natural way to get sustained boost of energy that helps me stay focused and perform at my best throughout the day, whether I'm at work or playing sports.

I don't like taking pills or medicines so I tried these gummies. I like that they're made with natural ingredients and I feel good about putting them in my body. But more importantly, they work like a charm! Highly recommended if you keep waking up in the night

What I love most about these Energy Gummies is that they don't give me the jitters or the crash like other energy supplements. Instead, I get higher energy levels that help me power through my workday and my workouts in the evening

The gummies are just delicious. The combination of melatonin and ashwagandha seems to work well to promote a deep, restful sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

I used to spend hours scrolling on my phone before finally falling asleep, but now, I just take this gummy 45 minutes before my bedtime and voila, I am sleeping like a baby by bed time. The best part is, I don't even feel groggy the next morning

I always used to feel lethargic in working days. I thought it was just me being lazy. But after Indus roots energy gummies, I feel so much better! Plus, these gummies are so yummy that you want to keep eating them :P

I've struggled with sleep issues forever and I've tried all kinds of remedies, but nothing seemed to work for me. That is until I started taking Indus Roots sleep gummies. I was initially skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised by how effective they were. Love it

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