Hair Fall in Females; Understanding the Indian Nuances

Hair Fall in Females; Understanding the Indian Nuances

Hair loss is a common problem for women around the world, but there are some unique reasons why it affects Indian women a tad bit more. So what affects your hair? Hormonal imbalances, dietary limitations, environmental stressors, and lifestyle choices all have a role to play. This blog delves into each of them to decode hair fall. 


Let’s start with the serious stuff right away. Hormonal changes are a big factor in hair loss. Conditions like thyroid and PCOS can play a role in hair fall. Studies show a clear link between these hormonal issues and hair loss. Studies such as "Association of Androgenetic Alopecia with Metabolic Syndrome in Indian Women: A Case-Control Study" (International Journal of Trichology, 2018) have highlighted links between hormonal imbalances and hair fall in the Indian population.

Food defines a lot

The vegetarian diet common in some parts of India often lacks important nutrients for healthy hair such as Iron, vitamin D, and biotin. Lack of these nutrients is one of the biggest reasons for hair loss in Indian women. Thankfully, it is also one of the things that can be easily solved with available supplements such as Indus Roots Healthy Hair Gummy. If you want to read more about the role of biotin in hair health, read our blog - Science Behind Biotin and How Indus Roots' Healthy Hair Gummies Elevate Your Hair Care Routine

Pollution and Hard Water 

Have you experienced hair fall since you moved cities? Pollution and hard water might be the reason. Pollution weakens the hair follicles, while hard water can make your hair dry and brittle. Protecting your hair from these things can help reduce hair loss.

Stress and Hair Loss: A Bad Mix

Stress is the only constant in the new India. Sadly along with all the other side effects, it can also affect your hair health. Also, if you are using harsh chemical hair products and heat styling tools without proper care, that can also damage your hair. 

Genes Play a Part Too

It's not all your fault. Hair loss can run in families as well. If women in your family have experienced hair loss, you might be more likely to as well. 

How to Get Healthy Hair Again

So is it all bad with no solution in sight? Not quite. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to hair loss. The best approach is a combination of medical treatments and changes to your lifestyle. The easiest is to start by making sure you have all the nutrients needed. Whether you do it by making changes to your diet or taking biotin hair gummies, is a choice you have to make. In addition, you can try using water softeners to prevent damage by hard water and limit the usage of heat-based styling equipment. However, in case of very high hair fall, going to a dermatologist might be your best option. To read more about hair regrowth strategies as well, refer to our blog - Hair Regrowth: Proven Strategies for Faster Hair Growth

By understanding the reasons behind hair loss and taking the right steps, Indian women can have strong, healthy hair!

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